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Le informamos que al hacer esta prueba de nivel y enviárnosla para su corrección, recibirá un correo electrónico de respuesta sobre su nivel de inglés así como cursos y promociones que puede aprovechar.

¡Aprovecha esta ocasión y conoce tu nivel de inglés!



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1. Peter ____ got three brothers.
2. Mary and her family _____ dinner at the moment.
3. They _____ TV every Sunday morning.
4. He _____ basketball on the school team.
5. They ______in the USA two years ago.
6. Would you like _____ biscuits?
7. _______ students are there in the class?
8. A. _________ do you go to the gym?
B. Three times a week.
9. There is only _________ sugar for the cake.
10. Whose book is this? It’s ______.
11. ______ parents come from England.
12. Peter has lived in England _____ three years.
13. When are you visiting your cousins? __________ 21st May.
14. In England, __________ time of year is usually from December to February.
15. Mohammed Ali _________ his first world title fight in 1960.
16. I feel very well because I went to bed early _________.
17. I’m going to give ____________.
18. In cold countries people wear thick clothes ___________ keep warm.
19. A nurse is a person _________ looks after people.
20. Look out! The car _____________ crash!
21. Students ___________ speak in class.
22. You met him while you were on holiday, _________?
23. I had a car accident last week and the doctor has told me I _______ to stay in bed.
24. I haven’t seen Peter ________.
25. They put loudspeakers so that everyone _______ hear.
26. These houses _______  1960.
27. You _______ told me that ages ago.
28. If that snake _____towards me, I would scream.
29. If I _______ a garden like that, I would have planted some rose bushes.
30. A. “I’ve missed the train”, he said.
B. He said he _____ the train.
31. A. The doctor said, “I’ll be back tomorrow”.
B. The doctor said that he ___________ .
32. I’m going to ________ by the dentist next week.
33. Mary’s parents are working hard _____ she can study at Oxford University.
34. Paul never got used ______ early in the morning.
35. It was ______ we decided to go out for lunch.
36. It’s starting to rain, I wish I _____ my umbrella now.
37. I regret ____ that you have failed your exam.
38. _______ of all her efforts, she couldn’t arrive on time.
39. Mrs. Robins ________ ten children, all of them are alive.
40. It’s no use _____ to learn a language just by studying a dictionary.
41. I think it’s time ______.
42. Many students of English _______ take a test.
43. He gets annoyed when people don’t do _______ he tells them to do.
44. You can learn the basic structures of a language quite quickly, but only if you ______ make an effort.
45. This is the man ______ son is clever.
46. I apologise ________ rude to you.
47. Why do you want to learn / improve your English?  (write about 40-50 words)
48. What did you do last summer?  (write about 40-50 words)

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